The Grief Recovery Method is a veteran created and
developed program

Are you....

  • A spouse, child, parent or other family member of someone who served our country?

  • ​Someone who served in the military at any point in your life?

  • ​Active Duty? Guard? Reserves?

  • A combat veteran?

  • ​A civilian contractor or civil service who has worked with the military?

  • ​Employed by the Veterans Administration?

  • ​Associated with any public or private veteran focused organizations?

  • Involved with your local veteran community centers?

Do you want to be trained to deal with the invisible wounds no one wants to
talk about?

And do you want to teach these skills to others?

What exactly are the invisible wounds we all carry?

  • Death – the feelings we carry after someone we know has died.

  • Divorce or romantic breakup – the death of a relationship no matter how long it lasted.

  • The end of your military career due to separation, retirement or disability.

  • ​Estrangement in relationships – with family, friends or others.

  • ​Loss of trust around leadership, values, or military service.

  • ​The shame around military service.

  • ​Transitioning back to civilian life after military service.

  • ​Survivor’s guilt.

  • ​Comrades who have died by suicide.

"Veterans have never lacked the courage to deal with the invisible wounds. What has been missing is truly helpful information and the actions that actually work."

Ed Owens - combat veteran

The GI Bill Chapter 28, 30 or 33 and Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31

Both the 4-Day Grief Recovery Method Foundational Certification Training and the
Online Capabilities Training have been approved for full reimbursement through the GI Bill
Chapter 28, 30 or 33 and Vocational Rehabilitation Chapter 31.  

Directions for finding fully reimbursed Grief Recovery Method certification trainings

Values we share with you:

  • The Grief Recovery Method was created by a combat veteran.

  • We have been helping veterans and their families for over 40 years.

  • This is a mission focused, action based educational program.

  • ​This method is about maintaining absolute confidentiality.

  • ​You will work peer to peer.

  • ​This is not therapy and counseling.

  • ​You are not broken and do not need to be fixed.

  • ​This isn’t a theory for dealing with pain, this is a proven, evidence-based program.


We have trained thousands of active service, veterans and dependents.
Here's what some of them have to say...

To see the full-length versions of these testimonial videos, scroll to the bottom of the page.

Ed Owens - How GRM Addresses Veteran Suicide

Rachelle Jones - Addressing Suicide for Veterans and Dependents

Jeromy Wells - Testament to GRM for Suicide

Jeromy Wells - Intersecting GRM and Spirituality

Thera Storm - The GRM is a Mission Based Program

Johnny Martin - GRM Impact at the University of Health and Performance

"I came to enhance my knowledge of grief recovery to support my work. I left with a burden in my heart to bring the Grief Recovery Method to our wounded/ill/injured military families who struggle constantly with grief & loss, yet are given no resources or effective support channels to deal with it. I will be contacting the Institute in the near future to discuss how that might look and whether the Institute has any guidance to offer. Thank you so much for sharing the Grief Recovery Method with other grievers. Laura Jack was such a phenomenal instructor & a naturally intuitive guide in the experience of uncovering and processing grief/loss for each individual in our class - it was very enlightening to watch the way she brought such a large class together to such intimacy in such a short period of time. I am excited to go forward as a Grief Recovery Specialist."

I loved this program. I am active duty military with PSTD caused by MST(military sexual trauma). This was the first program I have had the privilege to pay out of pocket and found so much peace and completeness for recovery in my journey to recovery from much grief and loss due to my diagnosis. I am more confident in my purpose to help others in any loss they face as well as any future losses I may face in my own life. The Grief Recovery method gave me hope and made me feel human again.

"Personally, the Certification Training changed my life- and how I see life, others and the present moments. Professionally, the Certification Training is critical to our Military Non Profit's Mission. We can not exist another moment in time without the essential Recovery Method Programs. Just incredible."

"The Grief Recovery Method offers counselors a tool to help walk people through their grief. Grieving people will often need more than being able to discuss their feelings and experience and request to physically do something. I believe that this will be a powerful tool during my chaplaincy care of veterans and their families."

"I enjoyed the training and believe it will be helpful to Veterans with whom I work in addressing their grief. Thank you."

"It was a wonderful experience, learning how we can assist other griever's through their grieving process."

"As a practicing counselor who has attended countless trainings in over twenty years, this training, without question, is the VERY best I have ever attended. Ed Owens was outstanding, in every sense of the word. He walked our group of 12 participants (grievers) through 4 days in a manner that was remarkable to be a part of. He was not our teacher, he was our guide and mentor. He built immediate rapport, created an environment of support, answered ALL questions, and modeled the method every step of the way. He held "safe space", was a heart with ears, and brought the method to life using his own experience, while tying in the critical concepts from text. Please let me know how I can help in any way; as this training changed my life and work. Moreover, it will change the lives of the beautiful veterans I am so honored to serve. Thank you Ed, and thank you GRI. I am forever grateful."

Ed Owens - Changes in Veterans after GRM

Johnny Martin - GRM Impact Personally and with Marine

Johnny Martin - Advice to Someone Considering GRM Training

Thera Storm - Mitigating Suicide Ideation in the Military Community

Rachelle Jones - GRM - A Mission Focused Solution

Elisa Marquis - Client Story

Using the Grief Recovery Method (GRM) as a tool in your practice

By going through our 4-day Foundational Grief Certification Training, you will get access to lead five different Grief Recovery Method formats in-person with your clients which include:  

7-session Grief Recovery Method One-on-One Format

8-session Grief Recovery Method group format

4-session Grief Recovery Method alumni format

(to work on additional losses)

6-session Pet Loss format

4-week Helping Children with Loss format

Going through our additional Online Capabilities Training will allow you to work online with your clients using the same formats. 

Hear from veterans and dependents who have made the Grief Recovery Method an integral part of their practice

Here are six full-length testimonial videos for you to view.

Johnny MartinNational Director of Graduate Support, University of Health and Performance,
Serving all Military Branches

Thera Storm
Military Spouse, LCSW, Therapist

Ed OwensE-7 MSgt, USAF/USA (retired),
VP Grief Recovery Institute

Rachelle JonesE-5 SSgt, USAF/USA (retired), Military Spouse

Elisa MarquisMilitary Spouse, Military Mother, Works with Gold Star Families, Life Coach

Jeromy WellsLt. Col, USAF/USA (retired), Chaplain

Three Veterans on How the
Grief Recovery Method Helped Them

  • May 28, 2015

  • Allison James Henry